Marketing and Advertising Experience By Industry

Automotive Advertising


We really love cars, SUVs, some trucks…and marketing them.
We’ve worked on factory accounts (Jeep), race teams, regional dealer associations
(Chrysler, BMW), megadealers and automotive aftermarket products (too many to list here).

So if your “ups” aren’t up enough and you need more coming through the door,
we’ve been there, done that, and have good, quick ideas for you.

It’s how we roll.

Automotive advertising and marketing experience

Aviation Marketing

As pilot-owners and operators of a corporate aircraft, we can be evangelists on their contribution to productivity. As former warbird flyers and current airplane nuts, we can appreciate new avionics and better maintenance. So whether your target is Board Chairmen, CFOs, Chief Pilots or entrepreneurs, we speak their language, “five-by-five.” 

Aviation advertising and marketing experience

B2B Advertising

Looking to build corporate and/or brand awareness, introduce new services and products, generate qualified inquiries?  Whether in trade journals, at trade shows or online, we’ll find, capture and convince your best prospects.

Business to Business advertising and marketing experience

Consumer Products & Services

In arguably the most demanding and sophisticated arena of marketing and advertising, TBG’s founders  built their careers on Madison and Michigan Avenues introducing the new products and growing the brands of Pillsbury, Purex, Brillo, American Home Products, Rival, Sara Lee, Shasta and Stetson. Later it was Jeep and Clorox and Canadian Pacific. The lessons and disciplines we learned from them are at work for our clients today.

Consumer products & services advertising and marketing experience

Healthcare & Hospital Marketing

What’s your specialty or Center of Excellence? Cardiac or cancer care, emergency medicine or ENT? Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Ob/Gyn?  Ask Roper/St. Francis, Hilton Head Hospital, Nason Medical Centers or Atlantic Orthopedics about us.
We gave Charleston ENT their funny noses and ears, plus massive goodwill and awareness. And we gave Hearing Health Solutions their new identity following a merger.

Ask how our diagnosis and treatments can give your marketing better outcomes.

Medical advertising and marketing experience

Hotels, Hospitality & Fine Dining

Far beyond foyers, bills of fare, spacious suites, linen and libations, great hotels and restaurants have souls to be revealed and renewed. It has been our fortune to advocate several of the most vaunted, including Planter’s Inn, Peninsula Grill, Vendue Inn, Middleton Place, Hank’s Seafood Restaurant and Slightly North of Broad.

Hospitality advertising and marketing experience

Medical Device Marketing

TBG introduced Maquet, Getinge-Castle and Berchtold surgical tables to America and helped each of them get respectable shares of market.  Same for Storz Lithotripters and InteliFUSE orthopedic fixation staples. For a decade, we also helped Berchtold Corporation sell surgery and birthing suite designs, O.R. lights and power booms. So if your medical technology needs to be launched or recharged through memorable positioning and convincing description, please ask us for urgent care.  

Medical device advertising and marketing experience

Plastic Surgery Advertising

Women need coaxing. But men seem to like kidding. Mars and Venus. Having marketed more than twenty general and facial plastic surgery practices, we’ve found what works--and what doesn’t. To book appointments, start with empathy.

Plastic surgery advertising and marketing experience

Real Estate Marketing

Always challenging. You have to tell buyers and sellers something they haven’t heard. Create confidence by avoiding clichés. Like how you will protect their interests, give them more usable space or less downside risk. Show them your innovations.

Some of our past projects:
Longpoint, Wild Dunes, Dunes West, Summerville Place, Irongate, The Summit, Turtlepoint at Kiawah.

Real Estate advertising and marketing experience

Wellness and Fitness Advertsiing

Our ads get people off their couches and into clinics, gyms, studios and spas. With more than a third of us clinically obese, wellness is now America’s fastest growing industry.

Clients:   Barre Evolution, Bikram Yoga, WeightWatchers of SC, Nutritional Medicine Center

Wellness & Fitness advertising and marketing experience