How We Work

We think out of both sides of our brains.

Human beings arrive at decisions both rationally and emotionally. To persuade and motivate them

we must reach both lobes. Appealing to their feelings along with their reasoning, to their senses

as well as their logic. And when we do, their minds give them permission to follow their hearts.


Time to re-invent your product?

The Martian Approach

Pretend for a moment that you're a Martian. Step outside your business mentally and ask

if your products or services are still as relevant to the customer's needs as the day you opened the doors.

And are those customers the same kind of people? To someone from Mars, looking with fresh eyes (eye?), would the value of your wares be self-evident?

If not, it's time to re-invent your product. Ask us why and how.




One-eyed Willie

Sometimes the LAST thing we do is an ad.

Usually, other things need to be done first. Like a marketing plan. Corporate identity or branding.

Consumer research, maybe. Packaging. Sales force, distributor or franchisee incentives.

Let's not forget publicity and search optimization. Having worked on your side of the desk,

we understand your need for all the elements in the marketing mix – which is why we offer them.