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Atlantic Orthopedics "Hiker"

A couple of Baby-Boomers hiking. He, a bit
tentative after hip replacement, finds he can do
all he hoped—with a little encouragement from his
wife and the skilled hands at Atlantic Orthopedics.  

Atlantic Orthopedics "Jogger"

A 40-something businesswoman, mother
and jogger, rebounding from knee surgery,
gets her life moving again. (A Telly winner)

Charleston ENT "Bring Your Nose to Us"

Being thine own physician will rarely heal thyself.
It just makes you loopy. 
(A Telly winner)

Charleston ENT "What's Up With That Nose?"

What if Jack Nicholson grilled you
about your runny nose? 
(A Telly winner)

Charleston ENT "Your Ears Are Talking"

Most of us think noses and ears are FUNNY…
until something goes wrong. 
(A Telly winner)

Clinical Research Center of the Carolinas

Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston

Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston "Freeze Your Fat"

Get Your Glow On for the Holidays

The dermatology space is crowded with practices offering year-end parties and promotions. Our client’s “open house” is in its twelfth year. So they hoped to convey some of the electricity and glamour that infuses it and those who attend it.

Hearing Health Solutions "Decision"

For decades, almost all hearing aid marketers
have pushed technology or discount prices.
What they’ve ignored is applied psychology; 
people who need them are in denial. That’s why
it takes them about seven years to deal with
their hearing loss. Our client offers empathy
and choices along with the earwear, and
leads the market in central Ohio as a result