Client Medley

Berlins - Dressed to Thrill

In one minute, tell women about all your fashion lines and where to wear them. Make it memorable and fun.  Bring them in the door.
Challenge accepted!


Berlins - Whip the Hip

A century-old clothier, with a savvy, young manager eager to show her her fashion-forward lines to hip but dubious shoppers. This commercial set sales records--each time her father stopped pulling it
off the air.

Crystal Coast Plastic Surgery

Rather than give the plot away, let’s just say that this one has a surprise… and is all about positioning.

Jones Ford

Hipsters young and not-so know that “having a Jones“  is a very good thing. An aspiration, a passion, even an obsession. And when it comes
to cars and trucks, what better “delivery vehicle” than Jones Ford? We broke the car dealer blahs with this tongue-in-cheeker. 


Lowcountry Women's Specialists

Rick Hendrick

Unless you’ve been on extended safari,
you’re hip that trucks have been outselling
cars in America for years. It’s not that we have
so much to haul, because their beds are usually
empty-- give or take a tool box. But that’s how we
roll now, so consider this “Heavy Chevy” an anthem
to pickups from Rick Hendrick. 


Vories Medical Group

Shaved heads are in.  But a lot more guys want what they used to have back again…and they’re touchy about it. That’s where humor can convert hesitation into resolution to visit Dr. Vories.

Wilmington Plastic Surgery - Baby Body Blues

Young-ish moms adore their babies but struggle to get their figures back. We put their yearning s to voice and music--with humor, of course.