Print advertising and marketing can be a very effective method for reaching your target audience. Charleston SC advertising agency The Bosworth Group utilizes experience and strategic planning to ensure you get the best return from your marketing dollars.

Peninsula Grill

Culinary trends, tastes and chefs all change with time. The renowned Peninsula Grill asked us to introduce its new chef and his lighter, healthier cuisine to loyalists and new diners alike. 

Planter's Inn

Before or after vows, what more joyous place
to gather than the courtyard of Planters Inn? 
It has helped make Charleston one of the
nation’s top two wedding destinations.  

Planter's Inn

“Welcome to the Heart and Soul of Historic Charleston” greets and defines the aura of Planters Inn for discovering travelers who’ve perennially named it among the top 50 small
hotels in America. The Bosworth Group created the theme and 20 years of memorable ads to discerning visitors. 

Resort Rentals of Hilton Head

Rental management companies in resort areas
are famous for overstating potential income to
property owners and understating expense.
Our client has processes to prevent that and
give homeowners peace-of-mind. 


Vories Medical Group

Shaved heads are in.  But a lot more guys want what they used to have back againand they’re touchy about it. That’s where humor can convert hesitation into resolution to visit Dr. Vories.

What’s the Difference in Dermatologists?

Being a specialist doesn’t necessarily make a doctor better or different.
This ad explains why patients should look behind the title to gauge the quality of medical education, exposure and experience that led to and followed it. And the contributions that doctor makes to advance the state of patient care.

Wilmington Plastic Surgery

Any doctor or nurse will tell you that men are reluctant patients; something about cultural conditioning. One tactic that works better than nagging is kidding them.  Get ‘em smiling,
appeal to their vanity, and in the door they come!


Wilmington Plastic Surgery

A memorable warning urging women to
detour from what’s trendy to what’s safe.